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For the GSD Factor Community and Their Families

Being prepared gives you peace of mind.  GSD Factor has partnered with indipop to make health plans accessible to our GSD Factor Community that include everyday care needs, low out of pocket for medical emergencies with set rates, no surprise bills so you can confidently care for you and your family.

Plans start at $8.95/Month

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Why indipop?

What sets us apart:

indipop plans are not based on employment status or earnings, they work in all 50 states!
Transparent Pricing
With indipop health plans there is an open network and set rates for medical needs with transparent pricing. This ensures you don't have to worry about networks and what surgeon, hospital or anesthesiologist is on call, you know exactly what you will owe.

Maternity Included
Yes! All indipop plans have pre and post natal care. 
Open enrollment
It is open enrollment all year long, making it flexible to enroll on your own timeline. We enroll for the upcoming month, each member is active on the 1st of the month. 
Personalized Service
indipop doesn't leave you when you enroll with a plan, we can be a part of the onboarding process and continue to answer questions and be a resource while you are a member. There is NO additional charge to work with indipop.

Do you need care that your current plan doesn't include?

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indipop Rx
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Dental & Vision
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On Demand Care
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Everyday Care
Your Prescription Benefits Program. Your generic medication is $0 with a $15 plan. Lock in annual rates and gets your meds delivered to you.
Use the member card for brand-name drugs to receive big discounts.
15%-60% off dental services. Enroll and start using the plan today!
No age or pre-existing restrictions.
Works for all ages.
Works for cosmetic, implants and braces too!
Unlimited virtual primary care, mental health,  discounted labs, health wellness coaches, medical advocates and more!
Annual wellness exam, discounted or included labs, unlimited in person primary care, 24/7 On Demand care, 12 chiropractic visits. This plan does NOT include hospitalization.
indipop Rx
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